When the doctors at Hillcroft Physicians Clinic, who traditionally serve the immigrant and lower income population of Houston, couldn’t get the Covid 19 vaccine for distribution despite being one of the first in the state to be approved, they called Media Masters for help.  Within days after reaching out to media outlets, CBS, NBC, Fox, Univision and Telemundo all covered the story prompting local politicians to pressure the Department of Health and Human Services to prioritize getting the vaccine to lower income communities without the resources to fight the virus.


When John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show targeted compounding pharmacies by claiming they were a largely unregulated industry rife with the potential for negligent practices and poor record keeping, Media Masters was called to consult with one particular pharmacy named in the report.  The pharmacy was accused of being negligent while manufacturing drugs for state of Texas executions. Media Masters reached out to producers for the show and shared that the incidents named in the report as being evidence the execution drugs were faulty were not the fault of the pharmacy in question.  In the resulting report, the pharmacy was cleared and family business was saved.

On August 3, 2019, a mass shooting occurred at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, United States. A gunman shot and killed 23 people and injured 23 others. Houston attorney Rob Ammons engaged Media Masters to organize the media effort to identify the gunman and hold responsible Walmart’s lax store security that allowed him to take so many lives.

When former Superbowl champion and Olympic gold medal winner “Bullet” Bob Hayes’ Dallas widow faced eviction, Altamease Hayes’ attorneys called Media Masters in the hopes that media attention would convince her mortgage holding company to give her 30 days to get her financial affairs together and retain ownership of the homes she’s lived in since 1959. Media Masters called Dallas media, and within hours, Ms. Hayes was conducting interviews with four area television stations.  The resulting coverage convinced the mortgage company to not only grant Ms. Hayes a 30 day extension but also help her seek out federal financial assistance programs to allow her to keep her home.

When a Silsbee man, Richard Lee, received a call after Memorial Day flooding in 2015 about his wife’s casket being discovered on a jogging trail seven years after he buried her, the Medical Examiners office told him he better get a lawyer.  The funeral home and the cemetary wanted him to pay for a new casket and to have her reburied. Burial inspectors noted the casket should not have surfaced if she was buried properly. Lee’s attorney, Annie McAdmas, called Media Masters for help sharing Lee’s story with the media. Extensive coverage resulted from local and national media outlets such as the Huffington Post and New York Daily News after Richard Lee filed a lawsuit against the funeral home and an injuction against Riceville cemetary.  Locally, Geo Lewis Funeral Home donated a new casket, cement vault, burial and a funeral to help Mrs. Lee rest in peace once again.

When Houston Mayor Annise Parker decided to take on firefighter pensions for being too excessive, the Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund called Media Masters to help coordinate the media coverage. Two lawsuits against the firefighters later, Media Masters continues to serve as a litigation team member with the Fund.

The Houston Golf Association sought out the help of Media Masters during its struggle against the city to get control and rehabilitate the historic Gus Wortham golf course. The Mayor had publicly stated she wanted the golf course to be converted into a botantic garden. After Media Masters training and message management, the Houston city council agreed unanimously to allow the Houston Golf Association to take over the course and restore it to its former rightful place as a Houston showpiece.

Don Kidd of Perdue and Kidd LLp requested our help when his client, a Harris County jail inmate, jailed on a marijuana charge while on probation and in need of mental health care, was left in his cell for weeks without being let out, living amid heaps of trash, swarms of bugs, and piles of his own feces.  Media Masters helped media train the parents of the inmate and develop talking points for the followup interview demanding justice.

When the Kothari family lost their son to a strain of Bacterial Meningitis doctors suspected entered his body through a recalled alcohol prep pad, his attorneys at Perdue and Kidd Law Firm called on Media Masters to manage the effort to get the word out.  Media Masters arranged for interviews with Good Morning America, The Houston Chronicle and many other news outlets.

When CNN needed a former NFL player to talk with Legal View host Ashleigh Banfield about an offensive Tweet about a NFL player that announced he was gay, they called Media Masters who connected producers with former NFL player Doug Dawson.

Fox News called Media Masters for an expert attorney to come on and talk about legal issues facing families who struggle with employer restriction on healthcare after Obamacare is activated. Media Masters arranged for Judith Sadler, Board Certified in Employment Law to share her insight.

When a Louisiana man learned his ex-girlfriend stole sperm from a sperm bank where he was storing it for another woman he filed suit and Media Masters was called in to help coordinate the media interest. Layne Hardin and his attorney Cade Bernsen appeared on KHOU-TVGood Morning AmericaThe Houston ChronicleThe Huffington Post and The Daily Mail UK. 

Houston Icon Auto Pitchman Rocky McCullough Sues Car Dealership After Being Fired

Southern Ford is being sued by Rocky McCullough for discrimination. McCullough claims Southern Ford fired him because he has cancer. Media Masters helped McCullough and his attorney, Danny Goforth, bring the matter to the public’s attention through televsion and print interviews as well as a social media campaign.

The NFL is Responsible for Brain Damage Caused by Multiple Concussions Says Matt Matheny of the Provost Umphrey Law Firm.

Matt Matheny, currently representing over 100 former NFL players in thier lawsuit against the NFL talks to the media about the importance of the NFL taking responsibility for their negligence in protecting football players from permanant brain injury.

An Accused Taliban Members’ Father Talks to the Media About His Son

Houston attorney John T. Floyd and Charles Williams talk about the sentencing of ex-Taliban member Kobie Williams. Williams was sentenced to 4.5 years in jail after turning himself in to authorities for training with Taliban members in Houston.

Burned Man Sues Coleman Stoves

After a man was seriously burned when his Coleman outdoor stove fuel canister exploded he called on Houston attorney John Neese for help. Neese recognized the public hazard these fuel canisters posed to the public and asked Media Masters to help manage the media inquiries about the case. KPRC’s Investigative reporter Amy Davis’s investigation revealed the hidden dangers of the fuel canister.

City Veterinarian Sues City Pound

When fired BARC Veterinarian Dr. Gil Costas decided to file a whistleblower lawsuit against the City of Houston, his attorney Martin Shellist of Shellist Lazarz LLP called Media Masters for help. Media Masters arranged a press conference announcing the lawsuit attended by every major media outlet in Houston. The resulting media coverage resutled in 13 stories filed about the lawsuit.

Defending Michael Jackson’s Doctor

When Michael Jackson died unexpectedly the morning of June 26, the world was stunned. Michael Jackson’s personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray was immediately interviewed by investigators. Dr. Murray hired the law firm of Stradley, Chernoff & Alford to help guide him through the investigation into his friend and patient’s death. Partners at the firm hired Media Masters to help work on the legal team and field more than 300 international media requests for interviews.

Maersk Alabama Crew Member Files Lawsuit Against Employer for Failing to Protect Him From Pirates

Attorney Terry Bryant filed a lawsuit against Maersk Line, Ltd. and Waterman Steamship Corporation for knowingly sending Richard Hicks into pirate-infested waters near Somalia without adequate protection. Hicks was taken hostage by Somali pirates April 8 while working as chief steward preparing food for crewmembers. When Hicks heard over the loudspeaker that pirates were on board he and other crewmembers feared for their lives.

“Waterman Steamship Corporation and Maersk Line chose to rely on the United States Military and taxpayers to provide after-the-fact rescue operations,” Says Bryant. “This choice caused substantially more cost and risk to human life than what would have been incurred by Defendants had they provided appropriate levels of security in the first place.”

Attorneys File Lawsuit Against Rick’s Cabaret Claiming Employer Puts Drunk Dancers on Houston Roads

A good Samaritan pulls over to help a stranded motorist on New Years Eve and is killed by a drunk driver coming off her shift at Rick’s Cabaret. Hank Stout, of Houston Firm Sutliff & Stout, representing the man’s mother enlists the help of Media Masters to bring the dangerous employment practices of the club owners to the public’s attention. The resulting story is aired on all Houston TV stations, the Houston Chronicle and news radio.

Sherman Bus Crash Victims Vow To Change Laws That Led to 17 Deaths In Bus Accident

After a tire blew on a bus carrying members of the Vietnamese Catholic group, community members vowed to make sure the tragedy never happened again. Attorneys Tammy Tran and Rob Ammons called on Media Masters to help them raise public awareness about the necessity of stricter safety standards on motor coaches and tougher penalties for those bus owners who break the law.

Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina Talks About Grand Jury Indictments

After fire investigators told the media Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina was a suspect in a fire that destroyed his Spring, Texas home, Medina’s attorney, Terry Yates of Terry W. Yates and Associates called on Media Masters to help. Media Masters and Terry Yates worked closely to develop a strategy for communicating with the media that shared Justice Medina’s side of the story while protecting his reputation.

John O’Quinn Files Petition To Free Ex-Dynegy Accountant Jamie Olis

John O’Quinn of the O’Quinn Law Firm leads a team of attorneys determined to free Jamie Olis from federal prison. Olis was convicted in 2003 for his involvement in Dynegy’s “Project Alpha” accounting transaction. The defense team called on Media Masters to help get their message out to the public that Jamie Olis was wrongfully convicted. O’Quinn and his team of attorneys including Tammy Tran and Lloyd Kelley, say Olis did not receive a fair trial due to gross prosecutorial misconduct. Media Masters’ involvement resulted in over 130 stories filed locally and nationally, a number that continues to grow as the case progresses.

Drag Racing Death Turns Mother’s Despair to Action

When Susan Reiter’s son Daniel was killed by street racers in a car colision, the media immediately besieged the grieving mother for an exclusive interview. Reiter’s attorney, Mike Moriarty, Partner, The Moriarty Firm, called on Media Masters for help communicating Reiter’s fight for tougher penalties against illegal street racing. Media Masters trained Reiter and her son Brent and arranged for the family to give exclusive interviews with the Houston Chronicle and KHOU.

Mattress Mac Takes a Stand For Thoroughbred Horse Owners

When Jim McIngvale decided to fight for Thoroughbred owners rights his attorney, Hank Stout of Chamberlain Hrdlicka, understood the critical need for a media expert and called on Media Masters. A media plan designed for the Thoroughbred racing audience raised awareness of the need for enforceable guidelines to protect horse owners from unscrupulous horse sales practices.

Saw ‘Em Off Saved!

When the University of Texas board of Regents decided to sue Aggie businessman, Fadi Kalaouze over his use of the Saw ‘Em Off logo, Kalaouze’s attornney, Allan Van Fleet, Greenberg Traurig Shareholder called upon Media Masters to ensure his client’s message was heard. Media Masters created a media plan designed to not only raise awareness of the bullying practices of the regents against Kalaouze, but also raise money for the legal defense fund. As a result of Media Master’s efforts, over $100,000 was raised to help pay for Kalaouze’s legal bills and the UT Regents quickly settled the case with only minor modifications made to the old logo due to the overwhelming pressure by UT alumni to end the embarrassing suit.

Cases in the News

Due to some client requests for anonymity we cannot fully list all of the high profile cases we have worked on here.

The cases listed here are included only after direct permission from the clients and counsel involved.

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