Legal wrangling has become the ultimate reality show and high-profile litigation means winning in the court of public opinion is just as important as winning in court. Litigants are increasingly utilizing the power of the media to not only protect their reputation but also put pressure on the other side to settle.  In the medical arena, disgruntled patients, beaurocrats and even medical professionals are harnessing the power of the public through the media to achieve their aims.

Media Masters is the solution. We will work to help strategize a media plan designed to dovetail with a client’s litigation plan or reputation branding efforts.

Media Masters litigation communication services include:

Researching the history and perspective of an issue and the client’s vulnerabilities to anticipate journalist questions or whistle-blower stories.

  • Protecting and defending a client’s reputation in support of a legal strategy. Reaching a client’s key audiences. Knowing if, when and how to contact the news media to protect client interests.
  • Developing a client’s news interview skills.
  • Developing talking points for a client to utilize in support of the legal and media strategy.
  • Creating press releases for distribution to media outlets.
  • Ensuring the legal team stays in compliance with State Bar rules for Professional Conduct.
  • Design and development of online pressrooms to provide journalists with a resource for information regarding the issue.
  • Identification of sympathetic experts for interview by the media regarding the legal issues.
  • The creation of videos for distribution across online platforms that help explain a client’s side of the story.

Reputation Protection

If you and your client are waiting for the media to do its due diligence and tell your side of the story the way you want them to, you will be waiting a long time. Attorneys and their clients must advocate for their side in the court of public opinion just as they do in a court of law.

A media plan designed to help the public understand your side could include a social media campaign, You Tube video, traditional media interviews or even taking out an ad. The strategy changes depending on each client’s purpose, message and audience. Identifying these all-important elements and building a roadmap designed to support the litigation strategy while protecting a client’s reputation is what Media Masters does best.

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