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Miranda Sevcik was recently interviewed by Billboard Magazine about the influx of people seeking legal representation after the Travis Scott November 2021 concert riot.  Miranda offered perspective on the highly competitive environment in Houston immediately after the concert among personal injury attorneys and their potential clients.

We specialize in helping to connect attorneys, medical professionals, athletes and journalists. Here are just some of our most recent placements.

Hillcroft Physicians Clinic is a Southwest Houston medical facility that serves immigrant and refugee patients. Despite being one of the first approved for the Covid-19 vaccine in the state by Health and Human Services, Hillcroft Physicians was still waiting for the vaccine while neighboring clincs and hospitals in wealthier areas of town already had it.  Physicians called Media Masters to bring media attention to the plight of their patients.  All major media English-speaking and Spanish-speaking outlets covered the story and the coverage resulted in the vaccine being delivered to the clinic.

Recently in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, a woman filed a lawsuit against CoreCivic, a company who owns a private detension facility for illegal immigrants in Houston.  In the lawsuit, she claimed she was beaten and raped by guards the last night before she was deported to Mexico.  The resulting coverage in English and Spanish media encouraged other women who have been similarly victimized to come forward with thier own stories of abuse at the facility.

Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both former U.S. special forces soldiers who served in Iraq, were detained in Venezuela by authorities following what was described as a botched beach landing in the fishing village of Chuao. Both men were employed by Silvercorp USA, a private firm founded by Jordan Goudreau, an ex-Green Beret claiming responsibility for the alleged incursion. Media Masters worked with the families of Luke and Airan, fielding the many worldwide media requests and assisting the effort to bring the men home.

Houston attorney Bradford Gilde called Media Masters for help after he won an unprecedented $11 million dollar verdict against Harris County officers for the death of Jamail Amron.  Media Masters arranged for interviews with the Houston Chronicle, KHOU-11 and Fox news as well as many other media outlets.

Media Masters recently arranged for the Chairman of the Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund to appear on NBC’s Houston Newsmakers to discuss the city of Houston’s attempts to change the firefighter pension system to help balance the city’s budget.

Attorney Ross Bussard of Austin’s Hotze Runkle Law Firm recently hired Media Masters to share the story of Natalie Fisher, a woman whose family says she was sex trafficked with the full knowledge and compliance of the motel owners she was trafficked from. Fisher’s family is now suing the motel owners under a 2009 Texas human trafficking statute which makes it illegal to knowingly profit from the sex trafficking of another individual.  Bussard appeared on KHOU 11, The Houston Chronicle and many other media outlets.

Recently, we helped personal injury attorney Rob Ammons educate the public about the dangers of exploding Takata airbags that still can be found in used vehicles even after an extensive government recall.

Recently, we connected Vince Young with Bob Allen of KHOU’s Channel 11 to talk about his career and plans for the future in the business arena.  Click here to watch the interview.

NFL head injury attorney Matt Matheny of Provost Umphrey talks to Erin Burnett Out Front about the 100 plus former NFL players he is representing.  Click here to view the video.

Former NFL football player Doug Dawson on Ashleigh Banfield’s CNN Legal View talking about steroid use in the NFL.

Houston employment attorney Ronald Dupree and family law attorney Cindy Diggs talk to Fox news about the Supreme Court’s questions of the constitutionality of Obamacare.

Charles Peckham analyzing medical expert testimony with CNN’s Dr. Drew

Media Masters arranged for Cindy Diggs to speak on a Fox News panel about ex spouses taking savings illegally in a divorce.

Charles Peckham on Tru TV’s IN Session, talking about the Dr. Conrad Murray verdict.

Barabara Gardner speaks on a panel of experts on Fox news about the issue of raising the federal debt ceiling.

Family law attorney Cindy Diggs talks to Fox morning news about Facebook posts and pictures increasingly being used in divorce cases.

Houston divorce attorney Nancy Rommelmann is interviewed by Fox news for her analysis about marriages that end too soon.

Jim Perdue of Perdue & Kidd interviewed on Good Morning America about filing the first federal lawsuit against Triad Group for the recall of their alcohol prep pads.

Civil attorney Charles Peckham interviewed by 20/20 about Dr. Conrad Murray’s struggles to hold on to his license to practice medicine.

Scott Lemond of Lemond & Lemond offers expert analysis of the nomination of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.

Ed Chernoff interviewed by Larry King about the criminal investigation of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Texas Lawyer article about Jeff Weinstein of The Weinstein Law Firm.

Criminal defense attorney Terry Yates offers analysis on the Fox morning news show.

Hank Stout of Sutliff & Stout talks to KHOU about legal issues.

Terrorist defense attorney John T. Floyd talks to Fox news about Somali pirates.

Connecting Lawyers and the Media

Media Masters specializes in identifying the right media outlet for an attorney’s target audience.

The attorney’s purpose, message and audience dictates the media outlet we approach.

If an attorney’s message requires local news coverage, national coverage or international coverage, if you have the story, we have the media contacts.

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