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Medical Marketing

Expand your practice and increase patient awareness.

Media Masters gives personal attention to doctors and healthcare providers to create marketing strategies based on an understanding of potential customers and the community. We help healthcare providers hone in on a vision for what they want to achieve with their practice, and then we provide a plan to get them where they want to be.

Media Masters' personal consultation positions a practice and its doctors as experts in their field. Coaching includes taped interview training, publicity plans, marketing material review and image consultation. We meet with the doctor or practice representative to determine branding goals, messaging, audiences and create a custom publicity system designed to deliver the desired message in an efficient and effective manner.

 Medical marketing plans include:

Even if your practice isn’t on social media, you can bet that where your patients are talking about you. Control the conversation.

  • Media Opportunity Advancement
  • Newsletter/Blogs Setup, Launch and Updating
  • An Understanding of what is Newsworthy
  • Article Ideas
  • Press Release Template
  • Referral Physician Relations
  • Marketing Plan of Action

Media Masters offers pinpoint marketing solutions designed for each client's unique expertise. This solution may include a practice logo, promotional items, brochure, website design, video production and search engine optimization.

Medical schools just don't teach doctors how to run their practice like a business. 

   At Media Masters, we approach each client and case as individuals, with individual purposes and critical success factors. In fact, the only consistent approach we have with each client is to ask them their marketing purpose, message and audience. The answers to these three seemingly simple but ultimately revealing questions helps us strategize a plan that delivers measurable success.
   Our signature business development plan worksheet helps reveal a particular physician or medical practice's marketing strengths, weaknesses and defines attainable methods for achieving marketing success. 



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