Media Masters Online

Media Relations and Marketing



  • Marketing Plans

    Marketing Plans

    Media Masters creates custom-designed plans that develop measurable objectives with creative, yet practical marketing strategies to achieve goals in a realistic timeline.

  • Media Strategy

    Media Strategy

    Media Masters serves as a valuable resource for local and national media. Our creative and experienced team crafts a client's message so that it tells their story, maximizing exposure and positioning clients as experts in their field.

  • Media Training

    Media Training

    Reporters know how to get a interviewee to say what they don't want to say.  Media Masters training prepares clients to respond effectively in real-life scenarios to mitigate risk and increase positive public visability.

  • Writing and Production

    Writing and Production

    The Media Masters team of writers knows how to drill down to the message that will powerfully connect with a client's target audience.  We specialize in creating web content, press releases, informational videos and marketing materials that achieve a client's purpose.



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